Treetop - Heading Bandanas
Treetop - Heading Prints
Treetop - Heading Bandanas
Treetop - Heading Bandanas
Treetop - Heading Bandanas
Treetop - Heading Bandanas
Treetop - Heading Bandanas
Treetop - Heading Bandanas
Treetop - Heading Prints
Treetop - Heading Prints
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A pile of opossums meet the neighbors in "Treetop". A lush canopy provides a cozy home for this furry family. Pal around with this playful bandana.

Inspiration: Child Library Readers 4, 1924

Soft, 100% natural cotton

Fan-favorite 24” size

Durable & breathable

Designed to last a lifetime

Easy to clean, softer each wash

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Lee M. (New Orleans, US)

I have carried a bandana in my back pocket pretty steady for over 40 years. After seeing an add for your products , I decided an upgrade was in order. I was not disappointed. I was exceptionally pleased with the size, weight,designs and coloring of each bandana i received. You have great product and I'm sure I'll add a few more in the future. Thank you~

SUSAN T. (Satsuma, US)
Beautiful designs and well-priced!

We ordered these for gifts for the other artists in the studio. They come packaged perfectly for gifting. Everyone loved the unique designs. I will reorder once some of the other designs are back in stock!

Annemarie B. (St Louis, US)
Perfect gift…for everyone!

Was pleasantly surprised to find opossum on this bandana. When I bought it I thought it was a big cat! I gave this as a Christmas gift for a person special to me. She loved it. She’s not normally fancy so scarves aren’t great for her. But bandanas? They work for everyone, for a million different reasons. And these bandanas are artful like a scarf, but unfussy & useful like a bandana. Perfect gift!

MARGARET A.C. (Newark, US)
Best Bandannas

I have been a bandanna fan since I was a teenager. These are the softest cotton and most amazing designs. They are a true delight and worth every penny!

Sherri J. (Norfolk, US)

Good quality, soft fabric, washed up beautifully.

Claudia C. (Southbury, US)
Over-sized in a good way. Imaginative. Quality.

Imaginative designs and a good printing job. The graphic matched up with the even, neatly stitched edge. I like my bandanas! Usually I’m hesitant about ordering over the internet, but these are good quality. If you like the graphics, go for it. I especially enjoyed that you honored the often-overlooked opossum on one of your bandanas. As a collector of vintage school readers these designs were irresistible.

I also bought two at REI — the one with the traditional triskellion of hares, mountains, and a wolf. I was amazed at how esoteric your choice of graphics was.

Proudly Portland, Maine

Located in the heart of Portland, Maine, our small business is fortunate to be nestled in a city surrounded by stunning beauty and history. We draw inspiration from our picturesque surroundings and strive to build a business that reflect the uniqueness around us.

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