Form & Function

Welcome to our small business, where passion for style and love for literature come together in a unique and enchanting way.

At our core, we believe that accessories can be more than just adornments; they can tell stories, evoke emotions, and spark conversation.

100+ Years In the Making

The heart of our business lies in the timeless designs that grace our bandanas. Our team of talented artists draws inspiration from vintage book illustrations, carefully selecting elements that carry a sense of history and artistry. We strive to capture the magic and elegance found within the pages of those antique volumes and transform them into wearable works of art. 

Make Your Story Your own

We invite you to explore our collection of cotton bandanas and scarves, discovering the stories they hold. Whether you're drawn to the intricate illustrations, the touch of vintage elegance, or the endless styling possibilities, we're confident that your new wardrobe staple will become cherished additions for many years to come.


Proudly Portland Maine

Thanks to your support, we've moved from a garage to a cozy little office in the historic State Theater building in downtown Portland, ME. We can't thank you enough! 

Anatomy of a Heading bandana:

Kickass Design

Breathable, natural cotton is paired with timeless literature-inspired designs, ready for your next adventure

Natural Cotton

Displeased with others' flimsy bandanas, we made ours with 90GSM natural cotton, not too thin, and not too thick

Perfect Size

More bandana for your buck. The 24" size is a community favorite thanks to its easy tying and diverse uses

Your Next Heirloom

We designed each Heading  bandana to last a lifetime of adventures, each with a story to tell

Inspired by a passionate community

It is BEAUTIFUL! I have it on display in my house. Makes me happy whenever I look at it! Thank you!!

Riley M.

I love a good bandana and these are literally the cream of the crop! The cotton is sturdy, the designs are fckn awesome and unique.

Zoe K.

I have collected many bandanas through the years and these are of excellent quality and beautiful to boot!

Paul D.L.