Moonlight - Heading Bandanas
Moonlight - Heading Prints
Moonlight - Heading Bandanas
Moonlight - Heading Bandanas
Moonlight - Heading Bandanas
Moonlight - Heading Bandanas
Moonlight - Heading Bandanas
Moonlight - Heading Prints
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You can almost hear the crickets chirping in the warm, calm night through “Moonlight”. A radiant yellow stands out against a foreground of foliage and flowers. Enjoy a moonlit picnic with this magnificent bandana.

*Artist's Note: I goofed, guys. The design name printed on this bandana reads "Lily", rather than "Moonlight". Let's just consider this batch of prints "Rare" and "Limited Edition"! 

Inspiration: Candle-Lightin' Time, 1901

Soft, 100% natural cotton

Fan-favorite 24” size

Durable & breathable

Designed to last a lifetime

Easy to clean, softer each wash

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
MariaB (Chino Hills, US)
Beautiful design!

This was a gift for a friend and she loved the print and color.

K.F. (Chicago, US)
Ethereal "Moonlight"

I love the Art Nouveau pattern of delicate white flowers blooming in the moonlight. As with all my Heading scarves, I wish I also had the book it was based on! I added this one to my collection to keep a fresh supply of bandanas for when I head out in the steamy Chicago heat. It has already been bad this year. But a bandana moistened with cold water from my thermos, then wrapped around my neck, saves the day, whether I'm gardening or driving my AC-free car. And it looks mighty stylish besides! Thank you for these beautiful, sustainable, affordable products.

Julie M. (Atlanta, US)
Moonlight bandana

I love the story line behind the bandana and I love the colors and design

Candace H. (Dayton, US)
Beautiful bandanas

I like everything about this product. I love that the design is book based, the size is generous, and the fabric is soft.

Anna (Detroit, US)
Luxe simplicity!

Bright, beautiful colors! Material is beautiful, almost shiny! Soft, non irritating. I have very sensitive skin, and I’ve had no issues.
Purchased four; plan on buying more!

Margaret M. (Brooklyn, US)
Beautiful and unique!

Love the two scarves recently purchased: Moonlit, and Floating. Lovely, compelling designs. I'm going to frame Moonlit, and Floating will grace an end table. Wishing you joy and success!

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