Bloom - Heading Bandanas
Bloom - Heading Bandanas
Bloom - Heading Bandanas
Bloom - Heading Bandanas
Bloom - Heading Bandanas
Bloom - Heading Bandanas
Bloom - Heading Prints
Bloom - Heading Prints
Bloom - Heading Prints
Bloom - Heading Prints
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 A bouquet of folk flowers encircle one another in “Bloom”. Fanciful petals and sidewinding stems provide a delightful contrast of vibrant color. Open up with this classic design.

Inspiration: Viñetas Decorativas, 1922

Soft, 100% natural cotton

Fan-favorite 24” size

Durable & breathable

Designed to last a lifetime

Easy to clean, softer each wash

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Carol J. (Kansas City, US)
Beautiful Designs and They Stay On My Head

I used to wear head scarves when I was a kid - I'm 70 - and I've rediscovered how practical they are. I recently acquired a 1974 MGB roadster and a head scarve is a must for driving with the top down if I don't want my hair to be a tangled mess when I get to my destination. Being cotton, the scarves don't slide off of my head and the designs are real conversation starters. I keep an extra one in the glove compartment for female friends who go for drives with me. They always ask where they can buy a scarf like that.

S T. (Farmington Hills, US)
Great size

I love the size. It is a little bigger than the average bandanna you see at like a craft store. It is incredibly soft and flows nicely when tied. I’ll be back to purchase more, and more and more.

Elish (Sonoma, US)
Big and Beautiful!

I finally ordered two bandannas and love them. The print is gorgeous and they are big enough to wear over my hair or around my neck without a struggle. Love ‘em

Ann F.

The designs and fabric were very nice !

Tealgreenparrot (Beverly, US)
I love these things!

I found this company on Insta - or rather, they found me. I was just idly looking at videos of good people cleaning up plastic pollution from beaches and baby elephants taking their first steps, when this ad for a bandana company appeared. Liking what I saw, I bought two. They're completely charming! In fact, I'm seriously considering having one ("Floating") framed, it's so beautiful. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on their designs, and buying more because they will make great, easy to send, transport, or carry, gifts for pretty much anyone on the planet. But I'll be keeping some for myself as well. Look out for the little "library" cards that you get as well. Go Heading Bandanas!

Joanne P. (East Hampton, US)

Really cute print. My friend the gardener loved it!

Proudly Portland, Maine

Located in the heart of Portland, Maine, our small business is fortunate to be nestled in a city surrounded by stunning beauty and history. We draw inspiration from our picturesque surroundings and strive to build a business that reflect the uniqueness around us.

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