Perch - Heading Bandanas
Perch - Heading Bandanas
Perch - Heading Bandanas
Perch - Heading Prints
Perch - Heading Bandanas
Perch - Heading Prints
Perch - Heading Bandanas
Perch - Heading Bandanas
Perch - Heading Prints
Perch - Heading Bandanas
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NEW! What we wouldn't give to be the cat soaking up this serene Japanese sunset in “Perch”. Natural colors border a vibrant sunset out the window, as our feline friend looks on. Experience little moments of awe while sporting this historic design.

Inspiration: Procession to the Torinomachi Festival in the Rice Fields of Asakusa, 1857

Soft, 100% natural cotton

Fan-favorite 24” size

Durable & breathable

Designed to last a lifetime

Easy to clean, softer each wash

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Elaine J. (Plainfield, US)

The fabric and the colors are of very good quality. The image irresistible. The only thing I found not perfect was the size (rather small) and the placement of the image on the square. When folded or knotted the darling image becomes obscured, i.e. either the cat doesn't show or the beautiful sky and mountains disappear. Maybe that's because the interesting parts of this image are placed at the center of the bandana rather than one or two of the edges. In any event, the image is delightful. I'll just have to unfold it to show people how fun the concept is! P.S. These make fantastic little gifts.

E.E. (Philadelphia, US)
Perfect size

The bandanas I'm used to are all much smaller than these, so I was a bit worried these big boys would be too much for me to handle. But they're perfect! That extra size really adds to their versatility. You know all those cute bandana hairstyles your old bandanas could never quite manage? No problem with these.

marie m. (Redding, US)

The bandanas are beautiful to look at AND the fabric is perfect! Comes out of the laundry ready to go-not stiff, not scratchy and not a crumpled mess. I've placed two orders so far and I'm sure I'll get more.

Susan W. (Black Mountain, US)
Vibrant and fun Bandanas

I purchased 4 bandanas for gifts, each picked out for the recipient's own interests. They loved them! Such cool designs and vibrant prints. The fabric is much softer than your usual bandana too. Such a versatile gift too. Not just for wearing on your head!

Constance W. (Amherst, US)

I'm saving all four of the bandanas I bought, to put in Christmas stockings, but they're all so beautiful that I may not be able to wait. I just unfolded "The Perch," and I'm convinced that it's finest place might be hung in a window where light will come through. Hmm, it's almost Mothers Day--maybe I'll give it to my daughter-in-law instead of waiting until Christmas. And for my granddaughter, a true cat-whisperer, and about to graduate from high school, I''ll give "The Wave."

Phillip O. (Seattle, US)
Great Headwear

I love the designs and bright colors. I have a bandana (and hat) collection. These will fit right in. Thank you, Phillip

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